Peri-implantitis treatment with clinical photographs

Peri-implantitis is report to affect approximately 7-10% of all implants after 10 years of service. We currently don’t know what the prevalence of peri-implantitis is after 10 years of service.
Mrs JN presented complaining of recurrent gum infection around two implants placed about 18 years ago. JN was diagnosed with per-implantitis and went on to have pocket reduction surgery around the implants and implantoplasty due to the non-regenerable defect around the implants. The result was as predicted from this type of treatment:
1-minimal bleeding on probing
2-pocketing reduced from 9mm to 3mm
3-increase in gum recession
4-no erythema
A gingival silicone mask was constructed to optimise the smile aesthetics by disguising the advanced recession affecting the teeth and implants. JN was delighted with the outcome and we will continue to support her with a strict maintenance regime consisting of 2 monthly hygienist visit and annual reviews with me.


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