Prim Dent Care. 2011 Apr;18(2):53-8.A questionnaire-based survey of patient satisfaction with dental care at two general dental practice locations. Saleh F, Dyer PV.​CPE-12-16-6787 (Journal reference)

Aim: The aim of this study was to survey patient satisfaction with dental care delivered in general practice and to compare the results with those obtained five years earlier using the same questionnaire.

Methodology: A previously piloted patient satisfaction question- naire was distributed to consecutive adult patients of one dentist at two general dental practices on completion of restorative or surgical treatment. The results were compared with those achieved by the same dentist using the same questionnaire five years previously during vocational training (VT).

Results: Thirty-nine questionnaires were distributed at one practice and 31 at the second. Thirty (77%) were returned at the first practice and 23 (74%) at the second. There were no statistically significant differences in answers to the questions between the two practices. The two sets of results were combined and compared with results from the previous survey. There was a statistically significant improvement (P<0.05) since the first survey for attributes relating to conveying cost information. There was a moderate correlation between patient perception of professionalism, oral hygiene advice and empathy and the patient’s intent on returning for further services and recommending the dentist to others.

Conclusions: It appeared that patient satisfaction with dental care marginally increased with postgraduate experience gained over five years since VT by the dentist concerned. Patients’ perception of the quality of dental care provision and their intent on re-accessing a dental service may be associated with a practitioner’s professionalism, empathy and delivery of oral hygiene advice.