Journal of Clinical Periodontology. Comparative analysis of immune cell subsets in peripheral blood from patients with periodontal disease and healthy controls. Wan-Chien Cheng , Fahd Saleh , Belkais Abuaisha Karim, Francis J. Hughes, Leonie S. Taams (SUBMITTED AND AWAITING PUBLICATION)
CPE-12-16-6787 (Journal reference)

Aim: To perform a systematic analysis of immune cell subsets in peripheral blood from patients with gingivitis, chronic or aggressive periodontitis vs. periodontally healthy control subjects.

Materials and Methods: Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from patients with gingivitis (n=3), chronic periodontitis (n=15) or aggressive periodontitis (n=15) and periodontally healthy controls (n=13) were analysed by 8-10 colour flow cytometry for the frequencies of immune cell subsets, the phenotype of monocytes as well as the frequencies of IL-17, IFNγ, TNFα and IL-10 producing cells within different cell populations. The levels of cytokines in serum from the different groups were determined by Luminex assay. Results: We found no significant differences in the frequencies of major immune cell populations (CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, γδ T cells, CD4+CD45RO+CD25+CD127low regulatory T cells (Tregs), CD19+ B cells, CD14+ monocytes) or of cytokine producing T cells, or in the phenotype of CD14+ monocytes in peripheral blood from these well-defined patient cohorts. Additionally, no significant differences were observed in serum levels of prototypical inflammatory cytokines.

Conclusions: These results suggest that the local gingival inflammatory response does not significantly affect the systemic immune response in patients with periodontitis.